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Estudio de la posibilidad de ampliación del edificio Rodríguez, de la Secretaría Ministerial de Salud, Novena Región
Delgado Ojeda, Mauricio Eduardo
Profesor Patrocinante:
Arnés Valencia, Hernán
Grado a Optar:
Ingeniero Civil en Obras Civiles - Licenciado en Ciencias de la Ingeniería, mención Obras Civiles
edificios - análisis sísmico; análisis estructural - resistencia de materiales
Universidad Austral de Chile
Facultad de Ciencias de la Ingeniería
Escuela de Ingeniería Civil en Obras Civiles
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To study the possibility of expanding an already exisiting structure is a hard task and an engineering challenge. If we do not have the surveying and the suitable memory of calculus this task is even harder. The structures get old and we use them for a different work not the same as they were designed so neither its inicial form nor its endurance will be suitable. It is also necessary to take advantage of the spaces inside the building, several times the expense of a new construction make us think and to set out a better benefit of our current building . Who has not made a change in her/his home either an expansion or a remodeling. When we set out the necessity to argugment the resistance of the already exisiting structures, we wonder how to solve this problem in an easy, fast and safe way without modifying the architecture of the structure. Fortunately, nowadays due to the development of composite materials of high resistance and the ease of aplication, they let us resolve this kind of problem with an excelent cost-effective relation. For the reasons mentioned above it is important to study engineering which analyzes the possibility to add one floor Rodríguez building located on Rodríguez street number 1070, Temuco. Today the building includes the offices of Health, Secretary of State, IX Region, which has three floors plus a basement so, we need to see the possibility to add a fouth floor. The building has a surface of 19.375,2 ft^2 approximately. The engineering challenge will be to establish the assemblies, the resistance of the concretes checking the structural elements to analyze the possibility to add a fourth floor considering the new technologies which are used in Chile for the recovery and repair of reinforced concrete ( beams. columns, slabs, etc), which could give a solution to the problem presented. It is appropiate to say that the floor to be added will be a light wooden structure which will make it a little bit easier to solve the problem.
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edificios - análisis sísmico; análisis estructural - resistencia de materiales
Universidad Austral de Chile - Sistema de Bibliotecas - Programa Cybertesis
Delgado Ojeda, Mauricio Eduardo
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