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Diseño en hormigón armado de un edificio con un ala en voladizo
Navarrete González, Jorge Andrés
Profesor Patrocinante:
Arnés Valencia, Hernán
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Ingeniero Civil en Obras Civiles - Licenciado en Ciencias de la Ingeniería, mención Obras Civiles
ala en voladizo - hormigón armado - diseño; edificios - hormigón armado - diseño
Universidad Austral de Chile
Facultad de Ciencias de la Ingeniería
Escuela de Ingeniería Civil en Obras Civiles
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The new arquitectonic ideas in these days are proyected to create modern and innovative structures, which must to be bound to structural design of high quality and effectiveness that offers concrete solutions. As a result of Chile being a country with seismic antecedents, a project of this type appears as a great question as far as its structural design. Is for this reason the engineering study focuses at all times in giving, solutions to these problems with new design techniques, new constructive systems and with materials of better quality. This project proposes a building that displays the architectonic singularity of a wing in flight, whose design is excellent in the calculation memory. Currently, these types of structures are being constructed primarily with prefabricated concrete elements, but this paper will show the design in reinforced concrete of a building project of managemental offices whose fundamental objective is to be the corporative building of this company. The building has of 4 levels: 1º Level: It will defined as massive public, which will show as the great transparence present in the project (Foyer, Hall, Public Attention, Auditorium). 2º Level: It will defined as the Administrative Area (Sales Department, Administration and Finance Department, Computation Department). 3º Level: It will defined as Managemental Area (Corporative Managements, Areas of Business Managements, Meetings Rooms). Top: It will defined as Terrace. The structuring of the building before its design will be modified with a criteria that avoids in certain forms some irregularities that harm its good dynamic behavior. In order to make the analysis of the structure a modeling software that uses the principle of finite elements denominated Etabs Nonlinear v8.2.7 will be used.
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ala en voladizo - hormigón armado - diseño; edificios - hormigón armado - diseño
Universidad Austral de Chile - Sistema de Bibliotecas - Programa Cybertesis
Navarrete González, Jorge Andrés
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